Monday, March 21, 2022

Open Wide-

Vintage Lancaster Pennsylvania Dentist Trade Card-

Dr. J.B. McCaskey of Lancaster, Pennsylvania was putting his money where your mouth was, so to speak- right up front on this dramatic if slightly unsettling trade card. The good doctor extracted teeth “absolutely without pain with gas; vitalized air, local injection method on gums”. Vitalized air sounds intriguing.

Card. 5.25”x4”. Minor soil, light wear, a few small dings on the sides. $35

Thursday, March 17, 2022

I Can See Clearly Now-

1885 Antwerp Exposition Havana Cuba Optometrist’s Card

A trade card for Prod. A. Lugano & Cie. of Havana, “Soins speciaux pour la vue - Opticiens”. The card notes that the firm was located in the Spanish section. The 1885 Exposition Internationale d'Anvers was held between May 2 and November 2 in Antwerp, during the 20th anniversary year of Leopold II’s ascension to the throne of Belgium. Spanning 54 acres and featuring displays from 25 countries, it drew 3.5 million visitors and cost 4 million Belgian francs.  

 3.5”x2”. Minor soil.  $35

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

A Note from the Editors-


Announcing the first issue of our new catalog series, A Note from the Editors. We’ll be publishing these every month, with a selection of recent acquisitions, interesting or odd backstock, and other bits and pieces that we find along the way and want to share- this & that, flotsam & jetsam, pictures & poems, whatever amuses us. There are a lot of catalogs out there these days, a lot of stock, a lot of things screaming for your attention, and we hope to make it worthwhile to spend a bit of time with us each month because we give you something a bit different. Whether or not  you find anything here to buy, we want you to have some fun along the way.   -the editors.

Oh yes, and here’s the catalog-