Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Scribble-Scrub goes down to Hell


 The New York Hooroarer, or, A Story of Newspaper Enterprise, Containing a Visit to the Infernal Regions and Return.

 By the Rev. Charles Edwards.
Published in New York by the Humbodlt Publishing Co. in 1893. 2nd edition.

Reverend Charles Edwards was the pastor of the Freeport Baptist Church between about 1888 and 1893, resigning from the church at about the same time this little volume of satire, poking fun at both the press and religion, was published. Edwards sets his story in the editorial office of the New York Hooroarer, where the editor is lamenting the lack of fresh scandal and gossip with which to entertain his readers. His answer is to send reporter Scribble-Scrub down to Hell to interview the Devil, which Scribbs obediently does, along with a parson and a deacon. Scribby makes it back, to provide the next day’s wonderful headlines. Edwards satire of not only America’s yellow-prose press, but also the popular fire-and-brimstone preacher’s concept of a literal Hell, struck some readers’ funny bones and made other readers apoplectic, a situation he attempts discusses i this edition’s Forward. As was noted earlier, he resigned his church position this same year, so his explanation may not have been well-received by everybody.

Stiff paper covers. 5”x7”, 63 pages, several line illustrations. Covers quite worn, a spot of adhesion loss to the design on the front, both front and rear covers detached but present, spine perished. Rear cover with edge chips and a tear. Last several text leaves detached but present. Page 38 printed very (very) lightly. Basically, cheaply printed on wood-pulp paper and quite fragile.  $75

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